The time is now for the horde to speak and declare the return of ZomBcon International 2013. 

For our loyal supporters, we want to encourage your time and investment by offering you a great opportunity. So we put a limited amount of advance ticket sales on sale starting Tuesday, October 16th online.


Our first goal is to raise $25,000 before December 1st. In an attempt to reach this mark fast and set forth the next stage is to offer a (1,000) Three-Day Pass for just $25 each Admission for Single admission and $49 for two people. Most conventions charge that for single day admission alone, so no excuses and let’s bring this back and keep a Northwest tradition!  If we can manage to sell a combined amount of 2,500 tickets, we can actually set forth and produce the festival.
We have almost 8,000 fans on Facebook and if every Facebook fan donated or bought a ticket, we could be well on our way to announce our plans for 2013 and 2014. We will be offering VIP Packages upon reaching our first goal of $25,000 and upon that provide the opportunity to make plans. So one step at a time. As I say this and set forth the plans, this is not a guarantee that the convention will happen, but an opportunity.

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