Red, White & Dead Zombie Walk | July 6th


Seattle shambles back for more braaaains on July 6th

It is here folks, we have officially decided on our 2013 Zombie walk dates scheduled for Saturday, July 6th at 3-5pm at the Seattle Center. Unlike year’s past, this 2013 Zombie Walk will be only a walk, with no additional activities planned for this year. We invite local organizations to get involved and add to the activities and program.

Despite adding more staff and improvements to expedite the registration, the long lines and process simply delays participants to enjoy and celebrate. Besides, we know  who is the Zombie Capital of the World truly is, even without a Guinness World Record count.

Admission will be free to the general public. Walk organizers, Eric Pope and Ryan Reiter will remain involved to help ensure its future in Seattle for years to come. Much like in the way of Santarchy and other flash mobs and crawls, this will allow the event to be a community organized event.

In 2012, the City of Seattle Special Events Committee decided to make our Zombie walk a sporting event, due to the number of participants walking on the streets, requiring stronger permits, security, insurance and police presence to ensure it met their requirements. With little to no sponsor support, this event in the past has used ticket sales to fundraise and offset the hard cost of the six months of planning and production to make this festival happen.

Since 2009, the cost of the event has risen 300% (originally cost of the zombie walk $7,000) and now costs over $35,000 just to get it approved by the city for the one day event. Our hope is that by releasing it back into the community and making admission free, it will renew the audience, increase the total # of participants, and remain a long time tradition in the Northwest.

Our goal is to keep this undead tradition alive and offer support to create  a fun, community-spirited gathering for our fellow Zombies. This coming year, we will not be returning to Fremont and currently looking to bring the event to a larger space that can host the event for this massive gathering. More updates to come and be sharing that news in early 2013.

Thank you fro all your support over the past four years and we wish you all a very horrific holiday season.


The ZomBcon Staff

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