zombconFirst off, we want to Thank the countless fans that have and continue to show their support of ZomBcon International over the past three years. It has been an amazing experience and love the fans that put their money where their mouth was and showed their early support, despite very little details on the 2013 convention.

After the December 2nd deadline, we reached 314 total advance ticket sales through our first campaign, an impressive number, but not nearly enough to move to helping us secure our first media guest and hotel for 2013. We delayed the announcement, due to sudden interest by a third party to possibly invest to reach our $25,000 goal and support to help produce the convention as early as 2013.

After a set of meetings, it is clear that the investors see the potential, but have expressed  interest to take it to a new city like Las Vegas or Los Angeles. However at this time, there is no contract and the conversation continues as we speak. Not all hope is lost for our Zombie horde and the ZomBcon convention in the near future.

At this current time, our organizers are currently in Los Angeles meeting with a number of people to secure a new home for 2014. By having the convention closer to the industry, it would allow us to invite media guests at little to no cost, simply due to being closer to Hollywood, as well as reduce our operational costs.

Our organizers want to Thank all of you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm in the great Northwest, it has been our home and continues to be our home starting with the annual Red, White & Dead Zombie Walk in Fremont.


For those of you who purchased advance tickets, you will receive a full refund within 5-10 business days directly through Eventbrite ticketing by December 15th. Ticket refunds may be issued earlier, but we have notified Eventbrite as of today that we will not be moving forward with the event as scheduled and to issue the refunds to all current ticket holders.

Any further questions, lease send to brains (@) zombcon.com and you will receive a response within 48 hours.


The ZomBcon Team



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