The bride wore white – stained with blood. The groom was disemboweled. And the wedding party lurched and stumbled through the ceremony, some holding detached body parts.
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It was a zombie wedding, held at the first annual ZomBCon Saturday night at Seattle’s Experience Music Project. The “zombies” weren’t the actual living dead. But the ceremony was the real thing. Cult movie star and newly ordained minister Bruce Campbell officiated at what was called ‘Evil Dead’ wedding – named after the movie trilogy.

“You know that things will not always be easy in your relationship … you will occasionally find yourself stumbling on your path together unsure of what lies ahead,” Campbell told the couple, as he administered the vows.

“But there will always be one thing in your life that you can count on, one thing you will both seek out relentlessly, and one thing that will consume you both, and that one thing is – brrrains. … Ah, I’m sorry, I mean love.”

The zombie bride and groom called the experience a “dream come true.” They came up with the idea after discovering that both have an interest in zombies. After the wedding, Campbell presided over a renewal of vows for 40 other couples dressed up as zombies.

“It’s a pretty good deal for them. It’s so benign. It’s very safe. Everyone looks scary, but they’re not,” Campbell said.

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